Prospectus, Mutual Funds & Regulatory

INVeSHARE offers a fully integrated print and electronic prospectus fulfillment solutions that meets compliance requirements, while minimizing costs. We also offer a technology solution that allows shareholders to retrieve prospectus information directly from your website.

Improved Economics

The cost of delivery for mutual fund prospectuses has been increasing over the last several years. INVeSHARE’s fixed-rate program can provide the cost controls you need. In addition, we can optimize your prospectuses and reduce costs by mailing a smaller security-specific document for each shareholder, rather than sending larger documents with every CUSIP to all shareholders.  .


Our full-service solution provides shareholder communication services to the world’s largest companies. We offer a print or electronic fulfillment service that is seamless, secure and meets compliance requirements.

Investor Portal

Allow your clients to retrieve prospectus and other shareholder communications directly from your website. Our Investor Portal meets Enhanced Brokers’ Internet Platform (EBIP) requirements by embedding our technology into your website, reinforcing your brand and reducing costs.

Operations Dashboard

Gain a clear, concise view of the electronic and hard copy communications delivered to account holders. On one screen, operations teams can quickly and easily monitor the status of communications, review alerts, and address inquiries from shareholders. This customizable platform increases the efficiency of operations staff.

Advisor Dashboard

Get a holistic view of communications sent to an Advisor’s clients, access a calendar of upcoming events and respond to client inquiries.